Re-imagining remote diagnostics, and clinical decision making

We bring healthcare to your fingertips whilst protecting your health data and privacy with on-device explainable artificial intelligence (XAI) computation.

We are broadening access to healthcare
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Our Product
For Me

Smart self-care to empower you

  • Get your vitals by simply taking a selfie
  • See actionable insights into your health
  • Consult your doctor remotely
For Doctors

Provide consultations at your convenience

  • Monitor your patients remotely
  • Smart triage based on validated protocols
  • Convenient and safe consultations

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Anytime, Anywhere.*

Our baseline features are free and will always remain free.


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Cambridge, UK

* The information provided on this web page is intended for informational purposes only and some features may not be applicable in your country, region, or city. It is subject to change and may be updated without notice.