Why it is helpful ?

Currently it takes days to book an appointment with your GP to get contraceptive pills. DocMe makes this easier by connecting you with your GP remotely, delivering the right prescription at your doorstep, and setting reminders.

How it works

Speak with your doctor

Get connected with your GP within minutes.

Have the prescription delivered

Choose your pharmacy and have the prescription delivered at your doorstep.

App reminds you and tracks the usage

DocMe reminds you to take the pill, tracks the usage, and requests repeat prescription.

DocMe protects your health data with
on device intelligence and storage

DocMe today

Our baseline features are free and will always remain free.

To download the app, open your camera and point it towards the QR code for 2 seconds. Simple. Or tap the buttons below if you're on a mobile" also, add App store buttons next to the QR code

To learn more about DocMe email us at